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Start to Finish Full Service Album Design

Premium Design Service

Unlimited photo culling & unlimited revisions.

Most popular with wedding photographers! Send as many photos as you like (200 or 2,000) and revise the album as many times as you and your client need to (3 or 13 rounds). No extra fees, no restrictions!

Simple Design Service

Unlimited photo culling & 2 rounds of revisions.

Most popular with portrait albums, but available for wedding albums also. Still send as many photos as you like, but limited to 2 rounds of revisions between you and your client.

THE Workflow

Place Your Order.

Log into your account to place your order, then send me photos via your gallery, Dropbox, or other method.

Get the First Draft.

Receive the first draft within a week; generally the Tuesday or Thursday after the order is placed. Relax; play with the kids, catch up on accounting, read a book!

Make Revisions.

Tell me what you’d like to change via Album Exposure. Revisions are generally ready the next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Client presentations use your branding, so your client experience is consistent with your brand.

Receive Approved Files.

Approved files are ready the next morning after approval by you or your client. Upload them to your printer, and you’re done! Unless you want to do more detailed retouching, then ask for psd files.

Kate Anderson Plumeria Album Design


Kate is the owner, designer, and wearer of all the hats! Back in 2011, after getting married and designing (and redesigning) her own album entirely too much, she started designing albums for a few local photographers in MN. 5 years and 800+ wedding and portrait albums later, she has clients throughout the US and the world.

Based in Minnesota, she lives with her husband, two dogs (a pit bull and a rat terrier) and three cats (who are lovably devious). Given the opportunity, she’ll travel anywhere; maybe not Antarctica though, too cold. She’s a nerdy tattooed biker, just as happy at a Star Trek convention as a biker bar. As a serious introvert, though, she’s most content hiking in the middle of nowhere with a camera and the dogs!

What originally started as a way to do something different and make a bit of extra money in addition to her full time job working with the mentally ill, has since become her full time work. She loves that the commute is 2 minutes, especially when it’s -20 and blizzarding outside!



When will my first draft be ready? When will revisions be ready?

First drafts are ready in under a week, usually on the following Tuesday or Thursday after your order is placed. Revisions are usually ready the following Monday, Wednesday or Friday after they are received.

How much is this gonna cost me?

Prices are not listed online, because your clients shouldn’t know how much you pay for services vital to your business. But, it’s probably about the same as an additional spread from your album company (such as Red Tree or Finao). For full details, just ask here!

Tell me about album credit, how does it work?

Album credit functions just as store credit would at any other store! You can purchase as much as you want at a time, and then use it at any future time. It never expires, and can be used towards any order. My photographers especially like to stock up on album credit during the yearly annual sale.

What album companies can you design for? Is there a limit to the number of spreads I can order?

Any company, and any number of spreads! If your album company can print it, I can design it. Whether it’s 5 spreads for WHCC, or 300 for Couture Book. If you print with Couture, ask for specific pricing based on the high number of pages.

How can I send photos?

Most clients send photos via Dropbox or WeTransfer, or their gallery, such as Pixieset or Zenfolio. Some send me a hard drive via snail mail. Sorry, my Mac isn’t advanced enough for telepathic transfer.

How many photos can I send?

As many as you want! You can send only the photos for the album, or the complete collection of photos; whether it’s 300 or 3,000. For best results, it’s recommended you send the whole collection.

Do I have to select all the photos for the album? Do my clients have to select album photos?

No, unless you really want to! Most of my clients prefer to have me select photos for the album, and are happy to have me take care of it; photo selection is usually the most time-consuming part for them. Of course, you’re welcome to if you really want to; though most of my clients are happier with the album when I do the photo selection.

How many revisions can I do?

If you order Premium Design Service, you and your client have unlimited rounds of revisions. If you order the Simple Design Service, you and your client have two rounds to use total.

Do you predesign albums?

Yes, of course! When your order is placed, order the maximum number of pages, and also note the minimum number of pages in the order comments. Two albums will be designed; if your client approves the smaller album, your account will be credited for the difference between the two albums. So you’re not out any extra income!

What if my client asks for more pages?

Say your original order is for 30 pages, and during the revisions phase, your client adds an additional 10 pages. Upon final approval, an invoice for the additional 10 pages will be sent.

What if I ordered Simple Design Service for the album, but my client asks for more revisions?

If it’s something quick and simple for the third round, like a simple photo swap, it’ll be on the house 🙂 If it’s a more complex round of revisions, an invoice will be sent to upgrade to Premium Design Service.

How long do you keep albums open for revisions? My client is taking forever!

Indefinitely! Any album that is not approved will be considered open until it’s approved; whether it’s 6 months or 6 years (though 6 years is a really, really long time!).

What if my client’s parents order an album also? Do I have to make a new order?

If the parent album is based on the couple’s approved album, a second order is not necessary; the parent album will be considered a revision. An invoice to upgrade to Premium Design Service will be sent if the original order was for Simple Design Service. If the parent album is starting from scratch, with a different set of photos from the main album completely, a new order will be necessary.

How is proofing handled?

Unless you have an alternative method you prefer, all proofing is done through Album Exposure. If you have an account with them already, great! If you don’t, you’ll be asked to set up a free account to view the album and make comments.

Will my client know I didn’t design the album?

Not if you don’t want them to! Proofing is done through Album  Exposure, and you’ll have your own account that you can brand with your logo and links. Your client will not see my branding, and all communication can be done through your account. You are of course free to tell your clients about me if you wish; it’s all up to you!

I already have a free account with Album Exposure; what happens if I go over the limit?

If we have more than three albums active at once, I’ll contact Album Exposure and have the limit lifted, at no extra cost to you! You’ll have access to a fully paid Album Exposure account as long as we work together. If you decide to stop using album design services (sad face!), your account will be released to you and you’ll be responsible for future payments.

I want to do retouching to album photos after my client approves it; can I do that?

Yes, of course! Just let me know that you’d like to do retouching after approval, and a folder of album photos will be sent via Dropbox. Make your edits, then send the folder back.

How do I get the album spreads after my client approves the album?

After approval, you’ll be sent jpegs, sized for your selected printer and album line.

I don’t have an album company, or I want to change companies; can you help me choose a new one?

Of course! Just email me and I’ll gladly help you out.

Do you offer discounts?

Possibly! There is an annual sale once a year, generally in August or September, which is good for 20-30% off orders and album credit. You can also receive a 10% discount towards a single album for sending referrals my way.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

42, but are you asking the right question….?