May the Fourth be with you!

It may be from 2014, but this is still one of my favorite weddings that I’ve had the pleasure to design an album for. Raven Shutley sent it to me as to do a trial design (ask me about it, it’s great to see how the album outsourcing process works) for as a new client, and I have no shame admitting I hoped the Force would be with me and I would get to work on more of Raven’s albums.

And it was; we’ve now done 15 albums together since late 2014. She’s quickly become one of my favorite photographers because her clients almost always have a fun quirky element in their weddings. Whether it’s Star Wars done really well, an Elvis impersonator, a crazy Halloween theme, or just lots of little handmade touches, there’s almost always something that I haven’t seen before. She’s also very inclusive of the LGBTQ community, celebrating all the different types of love two people can share.

I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars weddings, though this is the first one I’ve gotten to do an album for (and I totally want to do more!). I love how the couple incorporated little bits of Star Wars into the wedding, without it feeling tacky or overdone. It’s a gorgeous wedding and the couple is obviously tons of fun to be around. I love his suspenders and the groom’s cake; her ladies all wore different pink dresses that coordinated so well (love that trend), and she just radiates joy.

30 pages/15 spreads, 12×12 square, 80 images.

wedding-album-design-rs101514-01 wedding-album-design-rs101514-02 wedding-album-design-rs101514-03 wedding-album-design-rs101514-04 wedding-album-design-rs101514-05 wedding-album-design-rs101514-06 wedding-album-design-rs101514-07 wedding-album-design-rs101514-08 wedding-album-design-rs101514-09 wedding-album-design-rs101514-10 wedding-album-design-rs101514-11 wedding-album-design-rs101514-12 wedding-album-design-rs101514-13 wedding-album-design-rs101514-14 wedding-album-design-rs101514-15

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A wedding album design of a lovely romantic wedding of pinks and golds, with Star Wars details mixed in! Designed for Raven Shutley.