She’s confident, smart, driven, and is an equestrian showmanship champion, and she loves her horse so much. It was a joy to design this senior album of Sydney for Kirstie Marie!

Kirstie has been a client since the fall, and she’s quickly become one of my favorite senior photographer clients. Maybe it’s because of her style that’s clean and natural, her always happy emails, or the fact that she sends me fun equestrian senior sessions (and I’m finally taking riding lessons from my sister; why did I wait 20 years?!).

It could also be her drive for positivity. Kirstie offered a photo session to one equestrian for showing qualities of kindness, grace and drive for growth, nominated by friends and family. After reading Kirstie’s blog post, I can see how she easily earned all her nominations!

I enjoy her sessions because they showcase the senior and the relationship with their horse. Showing horses, on the championship level, takes so much dedication and sacrifice; and comes with achievements that should be proudly displayed! I love the idea of an album to commemorate that relationship, because I know it’s something that will be important for a lifetime.

This album is 10×10, 20 pages/10 spreads with 39 photos. For a senior album, it’s a great size. And bonus, Kirstie sent me some photos of the printed album! These albums are split at the center, not folded, and the split is teeny tiny; seriously you can barely get a fingernail in there. It’s the best of both worlds, split so no cracking over time but without as much of a distracting gap.

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Sydney Kirstie Marie Photography senior album 03Sydney Kirstie Marie Photography senior album 02

photography by Kirstie Marie

A senior portrait album design for an AQHA champion equestrian with a great attitude about bullying. Designed for Kirstie Marie Photography.