This album design for Kate Crabtree of a classic country club wedding on a Maine harbor was recently approved. I can’t think of a better way to get married than looking out over the water!

One of my favorite things about designing albums for Kate is doing the reception dance spreads. She’s great at getting all up on the dance floor and catching everyone’s awesome dance moves. You know the guests at this wedding had a great time!

The album is a 10×10 and has 30 pages (15 spreads) with 88 photos. I think 30 pages is a great length for a wedding album, not too long and not too wedding-album-design-kc1515-02 wedding-album-design-kc1515-03 wedding-album-design-kc1515-04 wedding-album-design-kc1515-05 wedding-album-design-kc1515-06 wedding-album-design-kc1515-07 wedding-album-design-kc1515-08 wedding-album-design-kc1515-09 wedding-album-design-kc1515-10 wedding-album-design-kc1515-11 wedding-album-design-kc1515-12 wedding-album-design-kc1515-13 wedding-album-design-kc1515-14 wedding-album-design-kc1515-15

original photography by Kate Crabtree

An album design for a wedding at a country club on the harbor in Maine. Designed for Kate Crabtree.