Plumeria Album Design 2013 holiday break days are Dec 23 to Jan 5; Kate will be mostly resting and preparing for 2014!

Well, it’s been a great year! No, an awesome year! But now, it’s time to take a holiday break to relax and recharge, and make some long waited for changes. I will be mostly on vacation from December 23 to January 5, resuming a normal schedule on January 6. I will start on any new album orders received during this time on January 6, unless it is urgent to have a new album ready before then. For albums that are currently in progress, I will continue to make revisions and send out approved final files.

During this break, aside from sitting on my butt, catching up on some books, and hitting the gym (gotta do that after the holidays!), I’ll be working on some changes to the client area of the website. Assuming all goes well, there will be a proper client account  area, where you can review your past orders and save a credit card number on a secure account if desired. I’m excited, this has been on my to do list for a very long time!

I will also be making some changes to the pricing structure, to move to more of a per page pricing, reducing the need for custom invoicing, as well as adding a second, basic level of service along with my current full service option. While I haven’t finalized anything yet, there will be some changes to pricing, though it will be minimal; some will go up a bit, some will go down a bit. New pricing will not take effect until February 1.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season, and comes back ready to conquer 2014!!