In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Which means the holiday printing cutoff deadlines are approaching even faster!

I’ve tried to make it a bit easier and less stressful for everyone this year by collecting the holiday deadlines for most of the major album companies in one spot for you. Standard order deadlines are in green, and rush order deadlines are in red. Be aware, most of these deadlines assume you’ve printed with them before, and that everything submitted is exactly correct (which if you’re printing an album I’ve designed, it darn well should be!). If you’re a new client of their’s, or worried about something not being submitted right, you’ll want to add a day or two. Also, the rush deadlines assume that you’ll be paying up for overnight or 2nd day shipping.

I personally don’t have a firm cutoff deadline. I would only remind clients that it can take 1-2 weeks for me to get a first draft out, depending on my work load. Revision time is a day or two. If you are needing an album before the holidays, please please please let me know via email or the album worksheet, so I can make sure to work it in to the schedule in time. I do have a rush fee, that gets your first draft done within 2 days.

*Please only use these dates for general reference. I did the best I could to gather correct dates, but some are not available yet, may not be updated, may have other requirements, or I may have flipped numbers around. Obviously, you’ll want to verify directly with the album company  🙂 *


Friday 8

Cypress Albums *new clients that require print approval*

Sunday 10

Graphi Studios

Tuesday 12

West Coast Albums

Friday 15

Couture Book

Cypress Album albums & presentation boxes

Friday 22

Asuka Book


Monday 25

Artisan Book, C Album, Folios & Proofboxes

Leather Craftmsan

Renaissance Albums custom

Wednesday 27

Leather Craftsman *2nd day shipping*


Sunday 1

Madera Albums

Monday 2

KISS Books

Finao ONE, ArtOne & Rave

Finao Seldex

Leather Craftsman *overnight shipping*

Red Tree Albums

Renaissance Albums custom & mix and match

Tuesday 3

Asuka Book

Friday 6

Madera Albums

Monday 9

Finao ONE, ArtOne, & Rave

Red Tree Albums

Renaissance Albums in stock books

Tuesday 10

KISS Books

Thursday 12


Friday 13

Finao PlayBOOK, Xhibit & Xcetera

Monday 16

Finao Elements in stock

Wednesday 18

Finao PlayBOOK, Xhibit & Xcetera

Thursday 19

Finao Elements in stock

Finao PlayBOOK, Xhibit & Xcetera