The once a year album design sale is on! This is your only chance to receive a discount on custom album design, and it won’t be back until next year. I’ve answered some common questions below, but feel free to email me anytime with other questions.

How long does the sale go for?
Oct 2-Oct 16

I thought everything was custom? What am I buying?
Everything is custom. You’re buying a piece of my time  🙂  As I am one person with no clones (yet…), I am offering a limited number of album design spots, 30 to be exact, so I’m not overwhelmed with albums to design. Once they’re sold, that’s it. Last year, a few of my best clients bought 24 of 30 offered within a few days, so don’t procrastinate!

How many can I buy?
As many as you like. If you want to buy all 30, that’s great; if you want to buy one, that’s great too.

Do I have to pay now, or can I pay when my client approves their album?
Yes, I do need payment before the promotion is over to secure your spot.

What’s the coupon code, I don’t see it listed anywhere, except for returning clients?
You don’t need a coupon code, the promotion price will automatically apply. Returning clients will need to email me to receive a code for the extra 10% off. Gotta keep it for their eyes only, Bond style!

I don’t have the images ready or my client hasn’t selected their images yet. Am I SOL on the sale?
No! I am offering the design slots on a ‘pay now, design now’ basis, and a prepay basis. You are more than welcome to purchase the design slot not, even if you haven’t even shot the session yet.

If I prepay, do I have to use it in a certain amount of time?
No, although I’d prefer sooner rather than later  😉  If it takes you till next year to get ready for the album, that’s fine.

I don’t know how many pages my client will want in their album. What should I do?
Just order the basic number of pages, 30 for a wedding or 20 for a portrait album, and we’ll deal with adding pages later, at the current promotional price. If your client ends up going with less pages, you’ll receive a refund for the unused pages.

Great! Now what do I do?
Awesome! If you are already a client, simply log in and order your designs using the promotional code. If you’re ready to design now too, fill out the album worksheet and upload the images. If you’re not a client, then sign up and I’ll set up your account as soon as I possibly can.