Her smile is so warm and big and infectious, don’t you think? Bethany Giannini sent me Elle’s senior session images to make a gift album for her last year (yes, that far behind in blogging….drats!). Bethany won a complimentary album design that I offered to Stephanie Newbold’s fans when she launched her awesome new Braizen-designed website. I’m so glad Bethany won, because the images are so summery and fun, and that was a welcome change of pace last November when winter in Minnesota was fast approaching. The balloons at the end were great!

senior-album-design-bg102612-01 senior-album-design-bg102612-02 senior-album-design-bg102612-03 senior-album-design-bg102612-04 senior-album-design-bg102612-05 senior-album-design-bg102612-06 senior-album-design-bg102612-07 senior-album-design-bg102612-08 senior-album-design-bg102612-09 senior-album-design-bg102612-10

original photography by Bethany Giannini Photography