Stephanie Newbold and I have been in touch since last year, and I’ve loved seeing her photography grow better and better. She specializes in senior and family portraits in Tucson, AZ (look, I spelled Tucson right, no spellcheck!!). She’s one of those people who seems to be in a perpetually good mood, which is awesome!

This one is her senior sample album. Actually, there’s two versions. The first one is 20 pages with 31 images. I think it was the perfect number of pages to get all of the girl’s beauty and charm, and a bit of sass! The second one is 30 pages; the design is the same, but I added 10 extra pages for signatures from her friends and family. That was always my favorite thing about yearbooks. Now I wish I could go back to my senior year and get a signing book for myself!

(love the cowboy boots, too!)