photography by Laura Ivanova,

photography by Laura Ivanova,

Step 1:

Become a Client! I will set up an account for you to access the client area. Now, go shoot some stuff!

Step 2:

When you are ready to start an album, log in and place your custom album design order, then fill out the Album Worksheet.  Upload your files to me using Dropbox, an FTP account I set up, or send me a hard drive in the mail. First drafts are ready in less than 2 weeks (usually faster).

Step 3:

When your first draft is ready to view, I will send you an email with specific album review instructions. We will review it first before your client reviews it. Revisions are usually completed within 1-2 days.

Step 4:

I will send your completed files after your client approves the album. If you have sent fully edited and retouched images, you’re all done. If you would like to further retouch the album images, I will send you a link to download that folder, which you will send back to me.