So, why should you have an album designer?

Because you’re busy, and you have better things to do.

Like what, you ask?  How about:

  • meet with and book more clients
  • answer that backlog of emails
  • finish editing that wedding from a month ago
  • play Angry Birds (you know that’s better than designing albums…)
  • get your accounting up to date (maybe not better than designing albums…)
  • work on your marketing
  • have dinner with your other half
  • take the kids to the movies
  • go on a walk with the dog
  • go to the gym, finally
  • read a book or twelve
  • do absolutely nothing at all

Because you have writer’s block.

You’re a photographer, a lighting ninja, a posing pro.  You can get that shot that seems impossible.  But in front of the computer, looking at blank pages & hundreds of photos, you’re a deer in headlights.  How do the photos flow best?  How do I lay them out?  Which ones do I use?  What’s trim & bleed?

I’m your fresh set of eyes, bringing a new & fresh perspective on the story you documented.

Because you need it done.  Like yesterday.

Your bride from 4 months ago emailed you, again.  She’s getting impatient.  You’re still busy.

I can get your album done fast, possibly in a few days (but no guarantees).

Because you want to wow your couples.

Shoot a wedding on Saturday, finish editing by the end of the week, upload the wedding to me, & have their first design ready before they’re back from the honeymoon.  Imagine how much they’ll sing your praises on facebook when they have their album months before their friends.

What I Do

I provide album design services to professional photographers for all types of albums and photobooks, including:

  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Bridal
  • Guest signature book
  • Trash the dress
  • Boudoir
  • Senior
  • Baby and family
  • Pet

You will receive high resolution JPEGs as a finished product, ready to upload to your preferred album company.

What I Don’t Do

I don’t create physical albums.  You still need to use an album company to print your albums.

I don’t edit your photos.

I prefer not to use lots of graphics, transparencies, or layering.  I want to create albums that showcase your photos and be beautiful for years.