Why isn’t pricing just listed?

Because you probably don’t want your client to know how much your costs are for the services you use to run your business.

But I will say that each spread is about the same price as an additional spread from an album company like Red Tree or Finao. For specific pricing and more details, fill out the form on the right; it’ll take you less than a minute and I’ll email you back within 24 hours!

Full Service Album Design

Full service album design takes the whole process off your hands, start to finish. It includes unlimited revisions for you and your client, and unlimited album image selection. I will select the images for the album from the whole wedding or portrait session, design a first draft, take care of all revisions, then send you full size jpegs. You can be as hands on or hands off as you like, and I can communicate with your client indirectly through you, or directly with them. Most popular with wedding photographers.

Simple Service Album Design

Simple service album design includes 2 rounds of revisions for you and your client to use, and unlimited album image selection. The process is the same as with full service album designs, the only difference being the number of revisions. Most popular with portrait photographers.

I only work with professional photographers, so you if want to be in the know, fill out this form with your information and I’ll email you back with the super secret link to my pricing information.
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