Well, what do you think?? After the first year in business, I finally took the plunge and had real branding and website design done by the amazing folks over at Braizen. Part of me wishes I had done this right from the start, but I am really glad I waited anxiously patiently to save up […]

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  • Scott

    The website is looking very nice! Very kind words that you have about your husband. :-)ReplyCancel

Stephanie Newbold and I have been in touch since last year, and I’ve loved seeing her photography grow better and better. She specializes in senior and family portraits in Tucson, AZ (look, I spelled Tucson right, no spellcheck!!). She’s one of those people who seems to be in a perpetually good mood, which is awesome! […]

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  • Kat

    I read your opening paragraph about Stephanie and then the comments on the photos themselves, and wanted to just confirm your observations. I don’t know that you know Stephanie personally; but you couldn’t be more spot on. She has a talent that I have so appreciated as a customer, but a personality that I was drawn into to become a friend. She is a working mother, caring daughter, loyal friend and just all around general bearer of good cheer!

    As far as the senior in the photo albums, I am so proud to say, that’s my daughter. Although, I may be biased on this particular assessment, I would tell you that she, too, is the “whole package”. Beautiful and funny and charming and hard working and a great student. She’s a daughter, a sister (bit of the bully big-sister here, not gonna lie, but loving nonetheless) and along with her younger sis, the absolute center of my life.

    My sincere gratitude for capturing and preserving these precious memories of her, that so cleverly display the many sides of my baby girl.

    Most Grateful,
    Her MomReplyCancel

    • adminkate

      Aww, thank you Kat! I feel all warm and fuzzy :-)

      I haven’t personally met Stephanie yet; we tried to connect at a photographers convention, but schedules were just not meshing. One day I hope we can connect.

      Your daughter seems quite lovely indeed. A bright smile and a bright mind behind it I’m sure. I’m glad I had the opportunity to make an album for you to remember this time years from now. Preserving these memories in books that will last years longer than a hard drive is what drives me to do it :-)