A Brief History of Me

Yes, I shamelessly pulled that from Stephen Hawking.

It was 2 am, I had just redesigned my wedding album, for the 9th time.  Not because it wasn’t right.  I enjoyed it too much, and had too many ideas for one wedding album.  My lovely new husband told me to leave it alone, finally.  I grudgingly said okay.

When I told my photographer of my new found hobby, she told me I was welcome to do her wedding albums, as she’d rather be forced to wear a Vikings jersey (she’s a die hard Packer fan) than design her albums.

And poof, Plumeria Album Design was born, named after my favorite Hawaiian flower.  They are used often in leis, symbolizing new life, beginnings and perfection.  Just like wedding albums should be, the start of a couple’s new life together and as close to a perfect telling of the story as I can get.

Now, a few fun things!

  • I’m a Trekkie.  I will watch Star Trek/Wars/Gate movies and episodes over and over and over again.  In fact, I’m watching old Star Trek movies as I write this.
  • Similarly, I am a science nerd.  Put me in front of the Science Channel space shows, and I’m happy for days.
  • I love to learn.  I devour books on physics and cosmology, religion, philosophy, and psychology.  If you’ve got some suggestions, I’m all ears!
  • I love to cook, and wish I could do it more.  Trying new things and new recipes are always fun.  Fortunately, my husband is good about my experiments that sometimes don’t turn out right!
  • I love anything letterpress.  I’m sad that we couldn’t do letterpress wedding invitations.
  • I want to learn how to fly.  My family is full of airplane geeks.  I’ve also flown with Chuck Yeager!
  • I love rock music, but I’ll listen to just about anything.
  • I want to travel the world.  I also need to win the lottery to accomplish that.


What Is My Purpose Here?

Photos are the record of our lives.  We are able to document so much more now than we ever have been able to.  But that doesn’t do anyone any good if the photos of our lives stay on the hard drives and flash drives forever.  Computers crash, formats become obselete.  The best way to really preserve those memories is to print them.  Books have never gone obselete, and they probably never will.

I enjoyed scrapbooking when I was younger, and I still do.  I love preserving the memories for future generations, telling a story about what’s happening.

I want to help you preserve your clients memories for their children, and grandchildren, maybe even their great grandchildren.